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Posted by on Wednesday April 3, 2013 at 8:58:3:

According to reports on the daily Nigerian newspapers, there appears to be plans already to scrap the UTME and rather allow Universities to be able to conduct examinations and admit students on their own. This would mean that prospective Nigerian students would in the future be able to apply for admission directly at their university of choice, do the exam and be able to get admitted if they meet the requirements.

This would be good news for a lot of students who have been bothered about having to do multiple examinations like UTME and Post UTME just to be admitted.

What would now be the role of JAMB without UTME? Jamb would still be in existence as a board to ensure that standards are adhered to and enhance admission process at universities. It would be a sort of clearing house for universities but would no longer be conducting any exams.

This means that the Post UTME would now actually be a pre-university examination as students would be able to get admitted after doing a single exam.


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