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Posted by on Friday July 20, 2012 at 12:15:37:

Getting admitted into the university is what a lot of students would like to do almost immediately after finishing secondary school.

Here are some tips that can help you achieve that:

1. Get your GCE right:

You can start attempting this from SS2 and after SS3 especially after your May/June exam especially
if you are not sure of passing your WAEC. You can always attempt GCE. Some students fail to pass their GCE on time and so delay their admission process.

2. Decide early on which university to go to:

Try to take a visit to your university even before getting admitted. You should take a tour to your proposed university and department and see how they function. You could visit 2 or 3 universities to see if you would really like to study there. Get to know their historic cut off marks for your intended departments.

3. Get to know what admission requires:

Most students focus only on Jamb UTME exams for admission but forget about direct entry and remedial programmes offered by their proposed universities. Try out everyone one of them. Passing Jamb UTME minimum scores may not be a guarantee of getting admitted due to high competition. So try out other examinations that can even give you an advanced admission capacity.

4. Study hard:

After secondary school, it can be hard getting dedicated teachers the same way you had them in school. You need to be able to know how to read on your own. Try to have your own library or use a public library that allow you to read and understand at your own pace. Attending pre-university lessons are also helpful.

4. Go for universities you can meet their cut off marks:

If you can meet the cut off mark for your desired university, then good but if you did not, best is to do a change of school and go to those ones with lower cut off marks rather than losing time hoping you'll get admitted. Universities in northern Nigeria have lower cut off marks than the ones in the south, universities in cities also have higher cut-off marks than ones in the rural areas. This is because there is more competition for admission in some areas than the others.

5. Take time to prepare for UTME and Post exams:

Most students don't really take time to prepare for their exams. They mostly wait till a month before they start making any serious preparations. It's better to start early like 3 or even 6 months prior to the proposed date. Most of such exams are objecive based so you should first of all complete the syllabus and then do a lot of objective questions and learn how to increase you r speed too. Focus on subjects like Maths and English because this is where most students fail.

If you can do these things, then your admission into the university would not be too hard for you to achieve.

    Re: Tips for getting admission into the university Posted by Haruna stephen Akungs on Thursday August 16, 2012 at 15:8:55:

    College of Education Gidan waya

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